Some Gawker commenter wrote the best and most instructive paragraph about the idiocy of the media/publishing industry that I have read to date. And said it more concisely than I ever dreamed possible. This is what I’ve been thinking for, like, EVER!

From ValentinaLabarixair

All these “stunt” books, e.g. celebrity tell-alls, famous-person brownie recipes, etc., are the equivalent of couponing as a marketing tool–where you temporarily offer people $.20 off your brand of tuna, for example. Rather than reaching out to your core consumer, you cater to opportunistic shoppers who will go directly back to their customary shopping patterns once your coupon expires. The publishing industry expends far too much money and effort in luring people who don’t actually love books into bookstores–with promises of celebrity secrets or trendy blogs-cum-“books.” Meantime, they alienate their core consumer of people who genuinely enjoy reading–a consumer who can be reached less expensively and can also generally be prevailed upon to buy more than one book at a time. And having alienated this core, more lucrative, consumer through neglect, publishers ensure that they have to keep spending more money and more effort to attract the opportunistic consumer base that was never that enthusiastic about the product–i.e. books–in the first place.