My girlfriend and I were eating breakfast today when an idea suddenly hit her (as they often do, those violent ideas):

“Babe!” she screamed. “I think in the future, the most attractive thing about a person will be the extent to which they are dumb about the world around them.”

I looked at her, vaguely interested, and chewed my sausage.

“I mean, we’re the ‘information economy,’ right? So, doesn’t that mean that we’re all supposed to be writing content or managing information systems? If we’re working, that is?”

(If you’re wondering about the question marks, my girlfriend has a bit of a California ‘upspeak’ accent.)

She continued, “Well, so leisure by definition will be NOT having to work with information, therefore NOT knowing things will be fashionable.

Coffee, two sugars, hold the information.

“The leisure class always is represented by the thing that’s most rare. When everyone worked in the fields, they were not tanned. When there was no food, the leisure class was fat. Now everyone works in cubicles and the rich sport tans all year round.”

“Yes, go on,” I said.

“And in an information economy, with an overabundance of information and ideas, that’s the one thing everyone has, so the rare thing will be not having information and especially NOT NEEDING TO KNOW anything to get by. Baby!”

She was thrilled with herself, but I’ve come to expect this sudden genius from her over coffee.

I just had to blog this.

And, welcome back.